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We have worked with our customers to produce OEM product for specific requirements in a number of applications.

Examples include:

  • Open Frame Monitors for digital signage applications
  • Hi-Bright Monitors for in-window retail environments from 20” to 46”
  • In-car media screens for taxi advertising applications
  • Monitors for digital signage with simple integrated media player
  • Home automation 6.4” panel PC with touch
  • Magnetically shielded monitors for medical applications
  • Large format touch screens for Air Traffic Control systems
  • Hi-Bright monitors for use in arctic survey equipment

We have a diverse knowledge base and experience of building systems that are installed in extremely demanding environments from very hot to very cold. Due to our experience we are able to build reliable products that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

Our lack of returns in the products we have built speaks volumes about the quality of our workmanship, product design, development, testing and QA, all of which are key to producing a product that our customers can supply with confidence.

Displaze is well positioned to support the requirements of manufacturers and integrators. All of the main standards based technologies are supported as are emerging technologies. We can support you on products from such companies.

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