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Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors and Controllers come as various types. The sensors can be broken down into three primary types which may be used in different applications depending upon the environment and nature of use. These are Resistive, Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW). Take a look at our technology comparison chart

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Touch Sensors and Controllers
Multi-User Touch - This is the latest innovation in touch technology and allows up to 8 users to be interative with the same screen. Take a look at this demo video illustraing the amazing potential of this technology which uses Projective Capacitive touch sensors. For further details please email: sales
"gesture" touch - You've seen it on the "itouch" now build it in to your own systems using the EETI touch controllers with multiple gestures embedded within the controller firmware. This is available both on IR, Surface Capacitive and SAW sensors from EETI. For further details please email: sales
Controllers - eGalax are one of the most innovative touch controller companies on the market providing comprehensive support for Serial, USB & PS/2 hardware interfaces on main different operating systems. For further details please email: sales  
Resistive - Low cost, 4 & 5 wire, can be used with gloves. They are susceptible to damage from sharp objects and vary in life expectancy from a few million touches to 100M+ touches. For further details please email: sales
Infra Red (Ir) - Infra Red touch sensors have advantages over other technologies in that they do not require any force to activate hence user can use most objects, hand, stylus, pen, finger or gloved finger. Displaze offer a range of IR touch sensors and controllers. For further details please email: sales
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) - Excellent optical properties, can be used with soft gloves and soft-tipped stylus. We are proud to announce our relationship with ETWOTOUCH who are leading the way on price/performance for SAW touch products. For more details on ETWO or for a product list


Capacitive - Several types of capacitive sensors are now emerging on the market, products such as near field and dispersive sensors allow more flexibility in integrating to public environments. They can be easy to seal but cannot be used with gloves in most situations.
Projected Capacitive - used for kiosk and through window applications requiring thick glass in front of the display for protection, environmental or otherwise. Ideal where total seal is required around display.  
Since there are a wide range of touch sensor and controller products available please contact us by phone or email to discuss which is the most suitable to your requirements as cost, functionality and reliability may vary wildly.
4-wire Resistive
4 Wire Touch Panels Sizes: 1.4" ~ 21" Flat and curved touch panel Special features available:Capable of writing, signature capture, Palm rejection, High transmission, Tempered glass  

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5-wire Resistive
More resilient than the cost driven 4-wire sensors. The products are guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer. They are available in a range of sizes from 5/7" to 26"

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Capacitive - Surface SCAP
A Capacitive Touchscreen is an all-glass sensor made by conductive coating onsurfaces of the glass substrate, for which capacitance of human body can be used. It greatly enables smooth operation in almost any tough environment and poorconditions. Capacitive touch screen is not affected by outside elements and have highclarity. So its application fields are very popular in outdoor kiosks, industrialenvironments, guide system, casino, gaming, etc.Its structure and operating principles are as follows. Slight touch can be detected as it reacts to just a little static electricity Good durability with a unique metal coating Long life time(300 million times touch) Great endurance in tough environment of weather, contaminants, or liquid Excellent light transmittance (AR Coating) True Multi-touch isnt really possible with SCAP sensors as it is difficult to detect multiple point contacts with just two sensing planes.

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Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW) touch technology is composed of a pure glass construction that delivers unsurpassed durability, reliability and clarity. With on plastic or metallic coatings on the surface, SAW offers over 90% of light transmission,and superior image clarity and color purity. Featuring surface hardness as high as 7H, it is scratch resistant and chemical resistane. With its drift-free and stable controller design, it requires no recalibration once installed. Liyitec's patent pending SonicTouch is ideal for applications that require high durability, high clarity and high stability, such as point-of-information(POI), ATM machines, photo kiosks, self check-in and self check-out kiosks, internet phones, medical imaging, gaming and ticket vending machines. Sizes range from 8.4" to 47" with 3, 4, 6mm glass either vandal proof, clear or AG coated.

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IR touch is good technology but you need to be aware of the limitations such as pre-touch and the affects of sunlight on the performance. Call us to discuss your application

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Capacitive - Projective PCAP
Projective Capacitive Touch PCAP is relatively new touch technology and has come to the foreground of touch with the advent of the IphoneTM and similar devices. It essentially relies on a matrix of senseing elements enabling the touch locations to be determined more accurately and specifically. It is the matrix sensing which enables true multi-touch support providing the touch controller and it's software drivers also support multi-touch.   We support a range of manufacturers of this technology, most of whom use the EETi range of touch controllers.

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